• A Brief Story of Kilim

    Kilim is a type of flat woven rug, characterized by bold motifs. Its origin can be traced back several thousand years to ancient Anatolia, which makes up majority of modern-day Turkey, and is regarded as a crossroads for early civilizations. Historically the makers of kilim were women, and they incorporated unique motifs and patterns into the fabric to capture a story or represent their heritage.

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Discover our Ege Cotton collection, offering original Turkish towels made from 100% cotton sourced in the Aegean region. These peshtemal towels are renowned for their densely-woven fabric, embodying centuries of bath and ocean traditions.

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  • Sustainability Concept

    Our ethical understanding and practice of sustainability aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations with focus on responsible use of water and energy in manufacturing processes, gender equality in the work environment, and economic growth of communities with artisans of traditional arts that are at risk of being forgotten.